NLF 2019 aims to synthesise this in many ways with deeper conversations, shorter discussions, book readings, workshops for children, parents & teachers / librarians, marketplace, and our flagship Book Award. The festival will feature Indian authors experimenting with the changing world of stories, some international authors that up the standard, and ensuring that all our conversations are relevant for children’s writing and reading.

Workshops for Children, Teachers / Librarians & Parents

Workshops for children, teachers and librarians will continue as earlier, and added to this will be workshops for parents this time.

Panel Discussions

The discussions are around the importance of literature in children’s life and under the broad themes – reading, history, futurist and building bridges in literature. The conversations will cover all aspects of the themes through multiple, short and moderated conversation.

Interactive Sessions

This part builds on last year’s feedback from children, parents, authors, illustrators and librarians. The tasting sessions will visit many short and interesting themes interactively like the book launches, sharing stories, quizzes, and many more.

Book Readings

Sharing favourite excerpts, illustrations, back-stories and more…book readings by authors will continue to grow.


Last year we had over 5000 titles for all ages, genres and readers. The Book Exhibition at NLF 2019 will be even better and bigger!